Highlights of CMNNA Safety Forum

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Captain Cory Nelson presented information at The CMNNA Safety Forum on Monday, February 13, 2017. He is a 28 year veteran of the Madison police force, with a variety of experiences and roles during his tenure. He can be reached at csnelson@cityofmadison.com

We are part of the West District in Madison and there will be a new district realignment when the Midtown District building is functional. It has been planned for 2018. It should take the pressure off the West District building on McKenna Blvd. Presently 90 police and personnel work out of the West District location.

Our neighborhood boundaries are NOT a high crime area.

The best way to keep safe is to keep an active look out in the neighborhood and report any suspicious activity.

If you see a crime in progress, call 911.

If there is a non emergency concern, call 608 255-2345.

Captain Nelson stated that many crimes in our neighborhood are preventable by locking up your house, car, and not leaving valuables in plain sight. Always!

Community crime can be monitored via the website CrimeReports.com

There is also a crime category on Nextdoor.com. Many neighbors are registered at Nextdoor.com and it is an easy way to keep up with neighborhood concerns and events.

Please register at the CMNNA website and get on our email list. You will NOT be inundated with emails. Only essential information will be sent via email. cmnna.org