Why did we form Crawford – Marlborough – Nakoma Neighborhood Association (CMNNA)? Our area is an unrepresented island, surrounded by previously organized neighborhood associations. The geographical boundaries of our organization will enhance the commonalities we share as neighbors, i.e. Seminole Highway and Yuma Drive traffic patterns, runoff from our area having an impact on Lake Wingra and the Arboretum, and the need for an active Neighborhood Watch.

We are creating an organizational structure that will serve as a liaison with other City of Madison entities, should issues affecting the neighborhood arise. The City of Madison has direct access to CMNNA, and we, in turn, will be apprised of issues that may affect our neighborhood.

What is the goal of the Crawford – Marlborough – Nakoma Neighborhood Association?
Our goal is to keep our neighbors informed in ways we are not able to do at this time. The City of Madison has issued start-up grant money; and proposed bylaws, written by an interim committee, were approved by the general membership. A geographically representative body will meet regularly to discuss neighborhood feedback, and no one person will play a representative role for the entire neighborhood.

What are the advantages provided by CMNNA?
 We can develop better awareness and access to the services and agencies of City and County governments and the School District . CMNNA will provide news for neighbors through a website, newsletters and surveys as issues/concerns arise. CMNNA will give all of us regular contact and information from our alder and county board member.