Why did we form  the Crawford РMarlborough РNakoma Neighborhood Association (CMNNA)?  The three neighborhoods have joined together to form CMNNA to work on the issues that we share as neighbors, i.e. improvements to neighborhood transit, reducing unsafe traffic, mitigating flooding and runoff from our area having an impact on Lake Wingra and the Arboretum, improving neighborhood safety and an increased neighborhood presence and influence with the City of Madison.

We have created an organizational structure that will serve as a liaison with the City of Madison and have direct access to the CMNNA Board, which in turn will be apprised of issues that may affect our neighborhood. We will develop better awareness and access to the services and agencies of City and County governments and the School District.

There are just under a thousand households in the neighborhood association and we will keep those residents informed about neighborhood issues through a website, emails and surveys as issues/concerns arise. A geographically representative Board of Directors will regularly meet to discuss neighborhood issues and concerns and no one person will play a representative role for the entire neighborhood.


  • Hosted forums featuring aldermanic candidates, neighborhood safety, butterflies, streets and recycling, insects, building inspection, traffic and forestry
  • Designed and constructed a butterfly garden and a rain garden by the bike/pedestrian bridge
  • Organized food drives to benefit the Cherokee Heights Middle School Food Pantry
  • Recommended a pedestrian crossing light at the intersection of Nakoma Road/Cherokee, additional speed limit signs on Seminole Highway and improved vehicle and pedestrian safety at the Winslow Lane/Seminole Highway intersection
  • Sponsored annual Make Music Madison events
  • Ongoing communication with our District 10 Alder and the City of Madison
  • Regular updates to cmnna.org and informational emails to the CMNNA distribution list

We are working to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood

  • Maintain and improve the butterfly and rain garden
  • Enhance the CMNNA website, email blasts and establish a presence on other social media
  • Develop a long-term neighborhood plan, including water management, with the City of Madison
  • Improve pedestrian safety during increased neighborhood traffic and changes in vehicle traffic patterns
  • Explore the unique history of the three neighborhoods
  • Build relationships with other neighborhood associations
  • Develop and implement strategies to ensure the financial stability of the organization


  • Volunteer for a specific project, committee or the CMNNA Board of Directors
  • Individual contributions from CMNNA residents
  • Sponsorship opportunities from area businesses