Coffee With a Cop-District 10 – April 11th, 9am at Sequoya Library

Hello District-10 Neighborhoods,
Coffee With a Cop-District 10 (CWAC-D10) is organizing events focused on Public Safety- learning, sharing and collaborating on issues in Madison and how specifically they impact District 10. There will be bi-monthly events.
Our first meeting is April 11th at 9AM at Sequoya Library. We are going to talk about body worn cameras. An officer from Fitchburg will talk about the benefits and concerns about the body worn cameras that they are required to wear. What are the rules? How is the footage stored? How is the footage used? Bring your questions too!
Then on Tuesday April 26th at 11AM, again at Sequoya, we will hear from Madison Police about Body Worn Cameras (BWCs). These cameras have been quite controversial in Madison. This is an opportunity to get information first hand for yourself. What are the benefits and concerns for MPD?
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Thank You,
Mara Eisch, SWNA
Mary Odell, CNMNA
Future Dates:
May 11th 1PM at Meadow Ridge Library: Theft and Pawn Shops; Presenters: Lieutenant Berkovitz and Detective Reitmeier
May 26th 3PM at Meadow Ridge Library: Crime Stoppers: how it works, how it interacts with MPD; Presenters: Ellie Boebel, MPD Investigative Support and a Crime Stoppers Board Member
June 13th 6PM at Westminster Church Patio/Inside with Rain
June 28th 6:30PM at Westminster Church Patio/Inside if Rain
July 6th 9AM Place TBD
July 21 11AM Place TBD
Aug 8th 1PM Place TBD
Aug 23rd 3PM Place TBD
Sept 14
Sept 29th