Crawford-Marlborough-Nakoma residents are invited to participate in the City of Madison Adopt a Median program

Did you know that the City of Madison has a program aimed at supporting and encouraging residents who want to beautify median strips and traffic islands? Do you have a median or island close to you that could stand a little TLC?

Here is a link to the City Engineering Division Adopt a Median web page: note, the web page contact info is out of date. The current coordinator is Carissa Wegner,, phone (608) 261-9822.

The program is open to groups, individuals, and neighborhood associations.  The Crawford-Marlborough-Nakoma Neighborhood Association is available to help you through the process, although it is not difficult.  We can also guide you in plant selection, with a bias toward native plants for pollinators.  Even a small plot of host and nectar plants can provide needed habitat. The City has some money to help with plant purchase, but if you have plants in your yard that need dividing, here is a way to make use of them!

With all the curvy streets and wide intersections in the neighborhood, there are numerous small islands. One such island in the intersection of Manitou Way and Wanetah Trail has just opened up with the removal of an overgrown Japanese Barberry. There is a space where the soil has already been dug up to remove roots.  There are other islands with grassy areas that would require a little more effort in soil preparation in order to plant.

Please consider contributing to the beauty of our neighborhood!  Visit the City Engineering link above to get the details and application form.  If you’d like some help from the Neighborhood Association, email, or