MMSD’s ESSER II: BIG IDEA + Reimagining Campaigns!

Big Idea - Bring us your bold, brilliant and BIG IDEAS to accelerate transformational change in MMSD.

“We might not get another opportunity like this in our lifetimes.”

– Gloria Ladson-Billings

What ideas do you have that…

  • leverage student leadership
  • support collaboration with and between students, families and different community organizations
  • provide for experiences that bring students outside of the traditional 4 classroom walls
  • create experiences that bring our community into our schools and classrooms

Student Working

What would you do if you had 1 year and $9.5 million to change the game for MMSD?

We have been given an opportunity of a lifetime to unite, redefine and rebuild our Madison public schools as we navigate through multiple pandemics. An $18.9 million Esser II Grant has been awarded to MMSD, $9.5 million of the grant has been earmarked for the BIG IDEA campaign to be bold, creative and strategic as we transform our work.

We are asking YOU, our Staff, Students, Families and Madison Community to bring us your BIG IDEA, so we come back better, thriving as a united community.

We know our schools need funds large and small for projects to: Accelerating + Enriching Learning Experiences, Improve Reading, Use of Technologies, Social Emotional Learning, Mental Health and Wellness, Post Secondary Planning, and the Arts. We also know that by harnessing our communities creative power and brilliance we can find solutions that will positively impact students in MMSD.

This is your opportunity to have your BIG, bold, fresh IDEA heard!

Eligible applicants:

  • Any MMSD school or department, staff member and student should apply
  • Community partner 501(c)(3) agencies and community members: We want your ideas, too! If your ideas involve one of MMSD’s community partners your work will need to be carried out in collaboration with MMSD school(s) and/or MMSD district department(s)

BIG IDEA Timeline


Submission Requirements

Using either the online submission form, video or email please describe your idea and the impact it could have on our MMSD community:

  • Ideas need to target students who are: Students of color, ELL, Special Education, Early Learners, Students who are experiencing homelessness +/or are in foster care, Opportunity Youth and Youth that are unable to physically attend school in person (ie.incarceration or hospitalization)
  • What is the need your idea is trying to address?
  • How do you know that’s the need?
  • What do you want to do to address the need? Why will that be effective?
  • How will you measure the change?
  • What will it cost? (give a rough estimate of your budget factoring in: staffing (# of staff x # of hours x rate of pay), supplies/resources, contracts for services, installment or other facilities costs)

Submissions Due April 28th