Plant Donations Wanted for Butterfly Garden

There is an easy way to contribute plants for our Butterfly Garden! The Neighborhood Association applied and was approved to receive plant donations this spring through Plant Dane, a Dane County program. As you’ve seen in our last Garden post, the first stage of planting was completed last November. However we fully expect there to be some bare or thin areas due to plants not surviving or seeds not germinating. We applied for up to 100 plants.

Our listing on their donation page is “Crawford-Marlborough-Nakoma Neighborhood Assoc”, at this link:

This works by donors selecting the specific project they want to help, and how many plants, in sets of four, they wish to contribute. They are then paying a reduced “cost-share” price of $2.25 per plant, in sets of four for $9. This plant donation program is on a tight schedule: there is a deadline of March 19 for donations. The actual plants are supplied by the Plant Dane program, and will be picked up in May by your Lead Gardener.

Thank you for considering a donation through this program.