Please Take the Metro Transit Network Redesign Alternatives Survey

Take the Alternatives Survey

Please take this quick 10 minute survey to help us better understand the ‘type’ of transit network to implement, and your thoughts on the two contrasting alternatives. Survey closes Sunday, September 12.


The survey is also available in Spanish .

Your feedback and input on this survey will help guide the development the Draft Network Plan in Fall 2021, and ultimately what ‘type’ of service will be implemented.

Network Alternatives Report

Alternatives were presented to a joint session of the City of Madison Transportation Commission and the Transportation Policy and Planning Board on July 19, 2021.


Phase 2 – Transit Network Alternatives

The project has moved into Phase 2 – Examining the transit network alternatives. Input received from the first phase of the project was used to develop two contrasting network alternatives, the Ridership Alternative and Coverage Alternative. Both alternatives are realistic but neither alternative is a proposal. They are intended to show the extremes of what might be possible in Madison to illustrate the potential network designs resulting from different policy decisions.

Public Information Meeting

Mark your calendars. A public information meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 23. Staff will review the two network alternatives and provide an overview of the survey results.

Virtual Public Information Meeting – Phase 2
Thursday, September 23 at 6 p.m. 

(Zoom link available in September)