Streets Division Updates

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  • We are trying out a new way for residents to find their collection schedules that should be pretty simple. It’s a map-based tool available right here and on the brush, yard waste, and collection schedule webpages. Just click on the “Try Lookup Map” button on those pages. The old way is still available if you prefer, but we’re trying to improve on the consistent problem of people struggling to get their address to work in the form on our page. If that’s been you, please try the lookup map. We are in the testing phase, so we are looking for feedback, too. If you use this new map tool and have some opinions, please follow the feedback link on the map tool page to let us know. We will appreciate hearing from you.
  • Brush collection is ending soon. Don’t miss your final curbside chance – some neighborhoods have already had their final pickup for the year. Get your set out dates at
  • Yard waste collection begins in October. Get your set out dates for yard waste at
  • Yard waste and brush are very different things. Don’t confuse them. If you combine piles of yard waste and brush the crews won’t collect them.
  • When the leaves start coming down, it’s the perfect time to start composting. Many resources to get you started can be found at and free guides can be picked up from your local Madison Public Library branch.
  • Don’t forget about the food scraps drop-off program. The last day is fast approaching, and we’re getting closer and closer to our goal of 16,000 pounds, or the weight of two hippopotamuses! Learn how you can participate and get us all the way to #doublehippo at