Tell Us Community Conversation – The last few chances to meet and discuss the future of West Side Libraries!

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How It Works

Tell Us is an engagement process designed to encourage conversation among you and your family, friends, and neighbors about what matters most to you. We ask big picture questions about your needs and hopes for the future so we understand how Madison Public Library can serve you better. Here is how Tell Us works:

  1. Make it a Party! Get together with 4-12 people in a space you where you feel comfortable. Give yourselves about an hour to talk through the questions.
  2. Start the Conversation! One person will ask the questions and guide the discussion while another person takes clear, complete notes. It is helpful to have some ground rules to make it a positive experience for everyone.
    1. Everyone participates, no one dominates
    2. There are no right answers
    3. Keep an open mind
    4. Stay on track
    5. Respect each other
  3. Send Us Your Notes! You can drop them off at an Madison Public Library location, mail them to 1301 W Badger Road, or email them to sends e-mail).

You can download and print the Tell Us packet or pick one up at a west side library.

Tell Us! Community Conversations

Tell Us! is a survey initiative that gives residents an opportunity to provide feedback to the library and share their visions for improvement for Madison’s west side libraries. Library Planner Rynn K. will be on hand to facilitate and take notes as a small group of west side residents discuss the survey and provide feedback. Light refreshments will be served. 

March 23, 6-7PM | Goodman South Madison Library

March 27, 6-7:30PM | Sequoya Library

March 30, 6-7:30PM | Sequoya LIbrary

Registration is required. Sign up by clicking the links above. 

Plan Timeline

Right now, we plan on public engagement opportunities being available through April, 2023. After that, we will spend the summer working on a plan draft that will be available for public review in Fall, 2023. After this comment period, a final plan draft will go to the Library Board for consideration.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about Tell Us or the West Side Strategic Plan, you can email you can email