Update Seminole Hwy Traffic and Speed

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Update Seminole Hwy Traffic and Speed

CMNNA is concerned about the speed of the traffic on Seminole Hwy between Nakoma Road and the Beltline.  We know that the city wants Seminole used for traffic flow into and out of the city, but we feel it should not be at our neighborhood’s expense. 

Our traffic committee has used the laser speed gun to get some hard numbers for the traffic speed on Seminole and found that traffic generally is traveling between 30–35 mph on a 25 mph street, with the “speeders” going faster than that. The faster speeds are coming down the hill. 

In addition, the residents of Winslow Lane, a dead end street with 20 houses, are especially troubled by the traffic and speed. Coming out of Winslow creates a problem because it is on a curve and one cannot see the traffic coming down the hill until it is there. Compounded by the speed traffic is going, it is difficult to exit Winslow Lane. A survey was taken by the Winslow Lane residents in an effort to find solutions for creating a safer intersection at Seminole.  

Using the neighborhood concerns and survey results, the CMMNA Traffic Committee has come up with some basic ideas and will be talking to the City of Madison Engineering Dept. and Alder Cheeks to work together for solutions.