Update on 1302 S. Midvale: Meeting Recordings & Conditional Use Language from District 10 Blog

posted  January 19, 2024 – 2:13 am From the District 10 blog Recording of the Neighborhood Meetinghttps://media.cityofmadison.com/Mediasite/Play/06aefdf88f0441beb6b29e30ab94c0c71d?autostart=true&playfrom=0&covertitle=false Recording of the Urban Design Commission Meetinghttps://media.cityofmadison.com/Mediasite/Play/06ce2bf163bf4db1a5e5302ead9e2c331d?autostart=true&playfrom=0&covertitle=false The Plan Commission cannot approve a conditional use unless it finds that all of the applicable standards are met. Not … Continued